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Although our grants are awarded to only those grantees invited to apply we have made our applications available on the website for others to utilize and to better understand our program. Our fillable pdf seeks for applicants to make streamlined and succinct applications and reports. However as part of our values, we do not seek to reinvent the wheel, so we do accept reports in other formats, to alleviate strain on small non profits. Our applications and reports are divided into restricted and unrestricted depending on whether the grant is for unrestricted programmatic grants (overhead, general program delivery etc.) or restricted project specific grants.  We also administer matching grants in unique circumstances. 


UnREstricted Grant

Unrestricted grants are usually awarded to grantees seeking programmatic support and for discretionary grants. Please utilize this grant application, progress report and final report if applying for general programmatic support.

restricted grant

Restricted grants are awarded for specific projects. 


Matching grants

A matching grant is The Faile Foundation’s commitment to award a specified amount of money to a grantee based upon the amount of funds raised in response to our match. We believe that matching grants present a powerful opportunity for our grantees to broaden their base of support by attracting new donors and new dollars. The foundation believes it is appropriate to use matching grants to: 

  • seed new projects or programs

  • revitalize or expand a funding base

  • leverage community involvement and philanthropic participation