We believe every person deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential while living in harmony with the Earth.

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Our Mission:

is to support and strengthen educational and environmental organizations.



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Our Vision:

is to live in a world connected by the knowledge and awe of nature.

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Our Values:






We accomplish this by:

1.  Funding educational programs, projects and organizations.

2.  Funding environmental programs, projects and organizations.

3.  Providing skills training to strengthen these organizations.

We strive

to support and strengthen small founder led not-for-profits. We seek to help you on your path, whether through board strengthening training, fund development education, leadership support, document editing, website review or any number of other ways to help you make a difference. Our success can only be measured through your success and sustainability.


We have 4 funding mechanisms

  • Legacy grants - Grants the foundation was established to support. We continue these grant awards in memory of the Founder and his wishes.

  • Capacity Building Grants - Grants designed over a three year period to help the organizational structure and planning of small not-for-profits.

  • Discretionary Grants - Individual board members nominate an organization to receive an award outside of legacy and capacity building grants.

  • Matching Grants - Award of funds based on the amount of funds raised by grantee. We use these to help established grantees: seed new projects or programs; revitalize or expand a funding base; and/ or leverage community involvement and philanthropic participation.