Art FORM (found objects recycled materials)

ArtFORM is a founder led non-for-profit located in San Diego, California. Their mission to instill art education and environmental stewardship through creative reuse, perfectly bridges the Faile Foundation's interests in the environment, sustainability and education. After receiving a discretionary grant in 2016, their 2017 grant will help them focus on capacity building activities. Through a close working relationship we were so impressed with their work that we continued our relationship for another year and challenged them to fundraise for a matching grant inn 2018.  ArtFORM provides workshops with local elementary schools (most of which are Title 1) both on site and off. They also have partnerships with other local organizations such as the Girl Scouts, San Diego River Park Foundation UCSD’s Alleys in Action and many others. On Saturdays ArtFORM also serves as a creative reuse store open to the public, where students, teachers and their family and friends can make a small donation for craft supplies.


In 2017 ArtFORM served over 1,500 students in San Diego in workshops, another 1,500 at community events and diverted over 4 tons of materials from San Diego's landfills.

In 2018 Art FORM again served over 1,000 students in SanDiego and diverted over 7 tons of materials from San Diego’s Landfill.