The Rankin Museum

For the third year (2016, 2017 and 2018) we awarded a small discretionary grant to the Rankin Museum.  It was truly a pleasure to conduct a site visit there in 2017 and view exhibits on Natural History, American Heritage, and Native American Culture.  The Rankin Museum is located in Ellerbe, North Carolina, and serves as a very educational and fun site in a rural part of North Carolina. Since the Museum was founded "based on the lifetime collections of Dr. Pressley R. Rankin, Jr., MD. of Ellerbe" the displays take you to cultures and animals far beyond the borders of North Carolina, while helping you know more about 'your own backyard'. We hope to continue our work with the museum and urge you to visit if you are in the area! 

Art FORM (found objects recycled materials)

ArtFORM is a founder led non-for-profit located in San Diego, California. Their mission to instill art education and environmental stewardship through creative reuse, perfectly bridges the Faile Foundation's interests in the environment, sustainability and education. After receiving a discretionary grant in 2016, their 2017 grant will help them focus on capacity building activities. Through a close working relationship we were so impressed with their work that we continued our relationship for another year and challenged them to fundraise for a matching grant inn 2018.  ArtFORM provides workshops with local elementary schools (most of which are Title 1) both on site and off. They also have partnerships with other local organizations such as the Girl Scouts, San Diego River Park Foundation UCSD’s Alleys in Action and many others. On Saturdays ArtFORM also serves as a creative reuse store open to the public, where students, teachers and their family and friends can make a small donation for craft supplies.


In 2017 ArtFORM served over 1,500 students in San Diego in workshops, another 1,500 at community events and diverted over 4 tons of materials from San Diego's landfills.

In 2018 Art FORM again served over 1,000 students in SanDiego and diverted over 7 tons of materials from San Diego’s Landfill.

Queen Louise Home for Children

Queen Louise Home for Children

The Faile Foundation has supported the Queen Louise Home for Children on and off since  1964. When the founder and his family lived in St. Croix they remember fixing their toys and donating them to the children's home every Christmas. The residential foster care program has continued its unwavering support to children throughout the years, through hurricanes and drastic economic changes such as the closing of the Hovensa Oil Refinery. Throughout the years Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands (LSSVI) challenged obstacles with grace and created numerous solutions. Their organization is a great example of serving the community through multi-faceted programs that address multiple issues.  The Faile Foundation strongly urges you to take a look at their website.


Queen Louise Home

"Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands has been serving the Territory’s neglected and abused children since the creation of its very first service program, Queen Louise Home for Children.  In fact, the first child admitted to the Queen Louise Home on December 13, 1904, was an infant girl found in a house with her deceased mother. Since that day, Queen Louise Home has never closed its doors.

LSSVI remains committed to serving children in the Virgin Islands, and their services have impacted thousands of lives in the territory. [Their] community programs have expanded to foster care services, day care and after school care, as well as counseling and educational activities."


Early Head Start (EHS) Program

To complement the efforts of the Queen Louise Home, LSSVI started an Early Head Start (EHS) Program to "provide care and education services for infants and toddlers, ages birth to three years old as well as to pregnant women.  The early Head Start Program has a deep commitment and concern for the entire family."


Sister Emma Cottage

"Sister Emma Cottage is a special unit on the Queen Louise Home campus that provides intensive 24 hour residential foster care for children and young adults with severe developmental and physical disabilities. Many of [their] residents use wheelchairs and have special impairments and are medically fragile."


The LSSVI also serves seniors in the area through Senior Housing, Independent Living, and  Assisted Living.


*Please note all quotes taken from their respective websites.